Any of the below pre-packaged solutions are available in either tailored or custom.  You can also build your own package, click here to start your order.

Off the rack or tailored is smart, fitted, and well cut. Chris will select clothes of the rack for you and make modifications to get you that perfect fit.

Made to measure or custom is made with your exact measurements.  If you decided to do a custom package Chris will meet with you and take twenty five different measurements.  Your exact measurements will then be used to make precise laser cuts into your patterns.

The Beginner

Get your perfect fitted wardrobe started with The Beginner package.
Sport Coat Outfit OR Suit

Made to Measure/Off the Rack start at $250

The Associate

If you are looking for a simple package to help you get thru your busy work week The Associate is the package for you.

  • Shirts: 5
  • Pants: 2
  • Jacket: 1

Made to Measure/Off the Rack start at $400

The Professional

The Professional is a step up from the basics offering you exactly double the clothes. With The Professional package you receive two business weeks worth of clothes. You would be able to have a week of clothes at the dry cleaner and a week of clothes to wear.

  • Shirts: 10
  • Pants: 4
  • Jacket: 2

Made to Measure/Off the Rack start at $700

The Corporate

With The Professional plus accessories you would be complete head to toe. This package offers two business weeks worth of clothes plus the accessories you need to top off your look.

  • Shirts: 10
  • Pants: 4
  • Jacket: 2
  • Shoes: 1 pair
  • Ties: 2
  • Belt: 1

Made to Measure/Off the Rack start at $950


If you are the business man that is constantly on the go, in meetings, and working around the clock the ceo is the package for you.  The CEO offers the most prestigious clothes that Matthew Mason has to offer. This package screams dress from success.

*** This is going to be the BEST package there is with head to toe outfits (business professional) for the big man in charge ***

  • Suit
  • Sport Coat
  • Pants: 2
  • Shirts: 2
  • Ties: 2

The Casual

If you are looking for more business casual clothes for going out on the weekend, the weekender package is the one for you.  The weekender package offers you more casual clothes, and even some accessories, for your busy Friday nights and Saturdays.

  • Shirts: 2
  • Pants: 2
  • Shoes: 1 pair
  • Belt: 1

The Accessory

If you already have your wardrobe set up and ready to go, but just need a little help to add some detail The Accessory package is for you! Remember shoes, watches, and belts are the first three things a woman notices. Make sure you can catch her eye with your distinguishable accessories.

  • Shoes
  • Ties
  • Belts
  • Pocket Squares
  • Cufflinks

The Wedding

Weddings are events where you want to look your best, let Matthew Mason help with your big day! A tailored suit or tux makes a perfect gift for your groomsmen. Spend your money wisely by getting your groomsmen a tailored suit that they can have for a lifetime at a comparable cost with a rental.

Made to Measure/Off the Rack start at $250, including alterations

**With the purchase of tailored suits or tuxes for your groomsmen, all of the men will receive a free matching tie to wear with it! Your men will be ready to walk down the aisle with you on your big day with the perfect fit.

Closet Evaluations to Complete Wardrobe Tune-ups… Contact Chris and let him know your needs